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Welcome to the newly launched This is me, Dan Fletcher, with my 2 non-simulated dogs Eleanor and Orlagh, in one of our favorite non-virtual places in the world, the beautiful Adirondacks in upstate New York. This site and the simulation platform that inspired it has been a dream of mine for many years, and I'm glad to finally be able to launch it and with it, a community of folks interested in this free and open-source platform for veterinary medical simulation training. I hope you'll explore the site to learn more about the Open VetSim platform (click on "Open VetSim" in the menu bar above), and to download the software and try it yourself. It's a full featured, programmable, immersive simulation platform, and I'm excited to see what others will do with it. Please consider joining the site and participating in the forums, where you can ask and answer questions from other users, share the story of how you got involved with veterinary simulation, and share scenarios you write with others. I'm excited to see where this community goes!


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