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Open VetSim

Open VetSim Software

The Open VetSim Platform

Open VetSim is as an open source, accessible platform for veterinary immersive simulation. It can be run as a software-only system under either Windows or Ubuntu Linux. The basic components needed are

  • A computer to run the server software and the instructor interface
  • An external display connected to the computer to display the simulated patient monitor
  • A mannequin

Ubuntu Linux

Open VetSim is available on the open source Ubuntu Linux operating system. For instructions on installing Open VetSim for Ubuntu Linux, click the logo.


Microsoft Windows

Open VetSim is now available on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Click the logo above to download the Windows installer and see the Docs page for installation instructions.

Download Open VetSim

Open VetSim Hardware

The Open VetSim hardware platform consists of mostly inexpensive, off-the-shelf components that yield an impressive array of realistic functions. You can build your own, or purchase a system from our partner, I-Town Designs.


Palpable pulses

Simple, low-cost haptic pulse units that detect when pulses are palpated


Compression detection

Inexpensive, accelerometer-based chest compression detection


Chest auscultation system

RFID tags and an RFID antenna are used to provide localized heart and lung sounds


PPV detection

A pressure sensor detects positive pressure breaths when the mannequin is intubated


Chest rise

The mannequin breathes spontaneously using an air pump and blood pressure cuff

Want to learn more? Check out or "Docs" section for information on building your own simulator, or ask some questions in the forum!

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